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Top Quality Broadcast Equipment, Highly-Skilled Professional Journalists and Camera Crews

We cut no corners when it comes to quality, so we have invested a lot in top of the range equipment – camcorders, photo cameras, lights, tripods, boom poles and other accessories. The standard footage provided by us is full HD 1080×1920, filmed with brand new Sony broadcast equipment. Excellent photography is equally important, so … Continue reading


Camera Crews, OB Vans, HD and SD, Fixers, Stringers, Journalists, Equipment for Hire

Task Force Media is an independent news agency based in Bucharest, Romania. We provide TV, print and web news coverage, television production camera crews, fixers, journalists, stringers, translators and professional equipment as well as an English news service for our clients. Our coverage extends to Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Lebanon etc. Contact us for any further details on mihai.ursu@taskforcetv.com